About me

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. As a child I used to draw animals, I loved to draw and read about them. I also loved to draw portraits and people I liked.
I had a great fondness for comics, illustrated books and animated films.
Being able to tell stories through drawings fascinated me.
I graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Valencia. I combined it with working at Camelot Studios, a small animation studio. I worked in different TV series, among them The Flintstones.
After my time at the university, in 1995 I started my career as a professional animator, character designer, storyboard and layout creator for TV series and commercials at Cartoon Productions.
In 2001 I joined Filmax’s feature assistance department, where I worked on several feature films.
During this time I combined my work with my first collaborations as an illustrator in press and editorials.
In 2004 I settled in Madrid as a freelance illustrator doing private commissions, advertising campaigns, press work, book and fashion publishing… And living a wonderful time sharing work space in The Comic Co, the most beautiful comic store in Madrid.

In 2014 I moved to Mallorca with the idea of following a dream I had for years. To have my little studio by the sea and go back to drawing animals.
To bring my point of view, give voice to many species of animals, their habitats and raise awareness about what is happening on our planet through illustrated stories.
Currently, I am still working on my dream

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